If you are planning a vacation, you want to make sure that are you are getting everything you can from your travel budget as possible. Travel sites can make hotel and flight deals seem to good to be true, because they usually are if you read the fine print! You find a package for a low price to bundle your flight, hotel, and rental car, only to find out that that price was a starting point. Now you are at the checkout page with a package that is double the cost you thought, and you aren’t even sure what hotel you are staying at since it is a surprise. What a headache!

You can avoid all of this by using a Vacationist! What is a vacationist? They are a travel agent for The Bargain Travelers! Our Vacationists live for traveling, and love to find you the best deals based on your travel preferences and budget.

Here are 7 benefits of using a Vacationist:

Custom Vacation Based Off of Your Travel Preferences

When you book with one of our Vacationists, you can have the ease of mind that they are going to custom tailor your vacation for you. They will dive deep into your travel preferences to find out what you like, and what you don’t like when it comes to vacationing. They will use this knowledge to book a custom trip for you to ensure that you are going to have a great time.

Maximize Your Budget

Vacationists have two main tasks: planning the perfect vacation tailored to your travel preferences, and maximizing your travel budget. They will not only look for the best deals, but they will look for the best options based off of your budget.

Convenient to Use

Trying to book your vacation on your own can be exhausting. There are so many travel sites, hotel and flight options, and elements of the trip to consider. One of the major benefits of using a Vacationist is the convenience. All you have to do is communicate with the Vacationist about what you are looking for, and they will do the rest. You will save time and money by not booking the trip yourself.

Travel Perks and Special Access

When you use a Vacationist over a booking site, you are able to take advantage of the special access and travel perks that they can get for you. Vacationists are connected in the industry, and know how to get you exactly what you are looking for and more. They will get you access to special deals, experiences, and exclusive perks from the destination.

Easily Accessible on Your Vacation

If you book your vacation by yourself on a booking site, you are not going to have access to a 24/7 concierge like you would when you book with a Vacationist. You will most likely be sitting on hold with an automated system, and won’t have much luck once you get connected through. Our Vacationists are there for you every step of your vacation from booking your trip, to handling any mishaps that might occur, to being there for any recommendations while you are there.

Travel Experts

Vacationists are travel experts themselves who enjoying visiting new places, going on adventures, and experiencing the world around them. They are passionate about helping you have a perfect trip, and they will be there to give you any inside tips about your trip.

We Read the Fine Print For You

Many travel websites that bundle flights, hotels, and other trip necessities for you have fine print on all of their services. The fine print usually reveals that the rooms you are booking might not be the rooms that you stay in, or the seats on your flight are not guaranteed together. These little details can turn into a big disaster on your trip, and when booking with a Vacationist they can make sure that this doesn’t happen. When booking with a Vacationist, you don’t have to worry about travel scam sites, deals falling through, or reading the fine print.

Are you ready to book your next trip? Contact one of our Vacationists today to get started!

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