Even if you book your own corporate travel, using one of our Corporate Travel Agents can help you stay within your company policy and get rewarded at the same time. There is a lot that goes into booking corporate travel trips, and our agents are experienced in this field.

Here are 5 benefits of using one of our corporate travel agents:

No need to worry about travel insurance.

A lot of online booking websites don’t offer travel insurance, and if they do it is too complicated to understand what is actually covered, or it’s expensive. Most companies also won’t even reimburse you for travel insurance. You don’t need it for any trips booked through us!

We give you recommendations on every trip.

Traveling to a new destination for work can seem daunting. How will you know where to go for a quick lunch? Or maybe you have some free time during your trip and you want to see a local tourist attraction, show, or event? We offer recommendations on every trip. From local restaurants, to tourist attractions and events, we’ll provide you some options so you can enjoy your spare time on the road.

Speaking of points, you still get them.

We’ll exclusively book with your favorites to make sure you get points. You’ll provide us with your reward account numbers and they’ll be on every reservation we book for you. We know that you are loyal to your favorite travel brands, and we want you to still get the rewards!

We give points, too.

Who doesn’t love getting rewards points for travel? We know how valuable travel rewards are, so we give rewards points too. For every 20 nights you book with us, you’ll receive a free night to use for your own personal travel.

We follow your company’s travel policy.

It is vital that you stick to your company’s travel policy when planning corporate travel trips. Just provide us a copy of your company’s travel regulations and we’ll make sure you’re always within the rules.

When you book with one of our Corporate Travel Agents, we make sure you have everything you need to do your job and make sure you’re comfortable on the road.

The process to get started is simple! Just email us at and mention “Corporate Travel” in your email and we’ll get you connected with your new dedicated travel assistant!

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