Are you interested in the travel business and have been looking for a way to gain experience and learn the systems and processes needed to succeed? Here is an opportunity that will help change your future!

The Bargain Travelers is looking to bring on Vacationists to their growing business. By joining the team, you have access to travel booking systems and processes to sell travel to your friends and family, as well as leads provided to you. Whether you want to do general travel or focus on a specialty like cruises, location specific travel, or type-specific, the opportunities are endless.

Here’s how it works:

How you get paid:

You get a 70% commission on the booking fees for everything you sell, plus a 70% commission on any mark-ups or profits on a trip (we’ll work with you to show you how to effectively sell your products), plus you get a 70% commission on what we receive from hotels, tours, airlines, cruises, etc.

Let’s break it down:

The Smith Family is going on a trip to Europe Summer of 2019. The trip is for 4 people for 10 days and costs $2,500 per person, totalling $10,000 for the entire trip.

The flight commission on their trip is $112

The hotel commission on their trip is $490

The tour commission on their trip is $290

The booking fee is $55 per person

The mark-up on the trip is $630.

The total commissionable income is $1,742.

Your commission on the trip is $1,219.40*

Once they’ve paid for their trip, your commission is paid out within 5 business days! No waiting for months and months or waiting for them to complete the trip!

Who we’re looking for:

Enthusiastic and friendly people

Able to handle multiple clients at one time, either from your friends and family, or leads that we send you to process

Comfortable making calls to people that have expressed interest

Someone that is a resource ninja who has a desire to help clients find the best travel experience possible

Someone who is willing to jump in and learn travel booking systems and processes

Someone who does not take ‘no’ as a final answer but is willing to find solutions to provide the best travel experiences for clients

Someone who is interested in growing their travel business

The ideal candidate:

Has some travel experience

Owns a computer and has a flexible schedule

Will be a self starter willing to take the initiative to learn to earn as the earning possibilities are unlimited

Has an interest in growing in the travel industry with the long term goal of owning your own agency. We are committed to providing the tools and training to set you up for success!

Has an interest in continuously improving processes and services to improve the customer service experience

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